The Conyers-Rockdale Economic Development Council (CREDC) is continuously looking at opportunities to retain, expand, and attract companies to our community. The future health and strength of our local economy relies on the growth of traditional and emerging industries with the ability to bring good jobs and improve the quality of life to the people in our area.

Future growth and opportunities are seen by looking at the activities of the CREDC. These activities were spotlighted during the first Economic Development Breakfast Series on July 12, 2016. During the breakfast, presentations were provided by CREDC Executive Director Marty Jones, CREDC Project Manager Gina Hartsell, and Georgia Power’s Regional Director Lauren Lambiase.

The Local Economic Growth Outlook

During the breakfast, Marty Jones and Gina Hartsell shared how traditional and emerging industries are thriving and growing in the Conyers-Rockdale community. Manufacturing and other industries are expanding with the resources and workforce that give them a competitive advantage. Television and filming industries are able to access talented professionals while our area provides a unique blend of historical and artistic influences that serve as an important backdrop for productions.

Manufacturing and Transportation

During the past year, the Conyers-Rockdale community has placed a reported 1,073 more workers into jobs. There is more to look forward to with projected job growth. In the volume transportation sector, Dart Container Corporation estimates adding 30 more high tech jobs. In the manufacturing sector, companies such as ABC Compounding Co., Inc. estimate adding 100 new jobs and Acuity Brands Lighting estimate adding several hundred new jobs over the next few years.

Investments from manufacturing companies such as Batchelor and Kimball and C&K Plastics are anticipated to bring growth and new jobs. Batchelor and Kimball are investing $6 million into a new facility for 200 employees. The facility in Conyers is planned as relocation for their corporate headquarters and a new manufacturing plant. C&K Plastics has purchased a 95,000 square foot building for relocating a new facility. They estimate bringing approximately 50 to 60 new jobs to the area. In addition, Ashley Capital recently completed a 175,000 square foot, Class A industrial space that appeals to a wide variety of corporate users.

Television and Filming Production

The CREDC is helping to bring the billion dollar film industry to our community. Known as the biggest little filming community in Georgia, Conyers has over 14 films in production over the next few months. Films such as Sony Pictures “Hail Mary” and Warner Bros. “Paranormal” will be filmed at multiple locations.

Conyers and Rockdale County are the principal filming and production locations for the popular television shows “The Originals”, “Halt and Catch Fire”, and “Sleepy Hollow”. CREDC recently reported that Raulet Property Partners purchased the 134,000 square foot building on 23 acres where the East Mountain Studios was previously located. Renamed Eastside Stageworks, this property is being leased for five years to Warner Bros. Entertainment and occupied by Bonanza Productions during the filming of Season 4 of “The Originals”.

Bonanza Productions is leasing more than 360,000 square feet of production offices, stages, and land with 300 full-time employees in Rockdale County. For production of Season 4 of “Sleepy Hollow”, Twentieth Century Fox Television is leasing more than 225,000 square feet of offices and stages. The television production brings a total of 300 full-time employees to Rockdale County.

The Regional and State Economic Growth Outlook

Many of the resources needed to retain, expand, and attract industries come from our local community in addition to the surrounding region and state. With over 60 plus technical and university systems throughout Georgia, there is a highly productive and motivated workforce available to help industries be competitive. We offer tax incentives, low electricity rates, stable infrastructure and logistics to help minimize costs. Our pro-business climate rounds out the perfect environment for companies to thrive.

The economic impact of the many companies in our community is enormous. With the CREDC working to continually develop our community, the impact will improve even more. To learn about Rockdale’s economic development, visit To keep current with television and filming productions in our area, visit