When it comes to helping the Conyers-Rockdale community thrive, it is important to buy local. This means purchasing frequently from independent, locally-owned businesses. These local business owners contribute a lot of time and energy into starting and keeping their businesses alive. They rely on your support to be successful. And that support in turn goes back into helping the local economy prosper.

Think Local Business First

Buying local can require a change in habits. It is easy to stop on your way home to pick up groceries or grab take-out for dinner. We all enjoy the conveniences of having stores and restaurants on the way to where we are coming and going. But how often are you choosing a small, local business over a large corporate chain? How often are you buying in the Conyers-Rockdale community instead of in a neighboring city or county? Think locally first when you buy.

Here are three reasons to think and buy locally:

Encourage Economic Stability

Approximately half of small businesses survive more than five years and consist of your local coffee shops, favorite boutiques, chiropractors, beauty salons, and restaurants. When you support a small, local business, you are helping them financially so they can grow and prosper. As they grow into stronger companies, they are better able to give back to the community. Studies show that when you support an independent, locally-owned business, more money is recycled back into helping more independent, locally-owned businesses. Thus, buying local helps to strengthen the economic base of your community.

Support Quality Growth

Many independent, locally-owned businesses are self-employed. When they grow, they provide jobs to more local residents. Statistics show that they are the largest employers nationally. And remember, since they are likely to spend more money on other businesses in the community, they are helping to employ even more people in area businesses.

More jobs equal more opportunities! There is evidence that shows entrepreneurs and skilled workers are more likely to invest and settle in communities that preserve their independent businesses and unique character. They are more likely to get involved in key leadership positions that can impact the quality of life of residents and businesses. And they are more likely to get involved in key issues that help improve the health and vitality of the community.

Increase Overall Choice

All too often independent, locally-owned businesses are overlooked for all the wrong reasons. Small, local business merchants are able to obtain the same inventory and the same quality for items at similarly competitive rates as big chains. The differences are often in the range of products and variety, not in the price.

For example, big corporate chains have a process for ordering inventory that often involves a sales plan for a much broader range of products that provide the convenience of shopping in one location. However, they are selecting the products for you to buy and do not typically offer a variety of similar products to choose from.

When you shop at a smaller merchant, they often focus on providing products for that industry. They have specialty inventory or multiple brands available. Their processes are more flexible so you can find boutique items or request special orders. They usually have a better understanding of the products and services they are offering. They are also more likely to take the time to know you so you then can offer exactly what you are looking for in a product.

There are many benefits to buying from a small, local business. To find out what businesses are in the Conyers-Rockdale community, search our membership directory. For more information about local businesses in our area, contact the Chamber at 770.483.7049.